Saturday, June 22, 2002

Blog Salad

• The guy who claimed to overhear a cell phone conversation in Arabic, plotting a terrorist attack in Las Vegas over the 4th of July weekend flunked a lie detector test.
Get a life, Pinnochio.
• Israel is ratcheting up plans to launch a wide scale offensive on Palestine. I wish both sides would simmer down at least until Dubya is out of office. He hasn't got a clue what to do to help diffuse this powder keg.
• DVD's are taking over videos and I like videos. Never fails. I had a Betamax. I have a Macintosh in a PC world. I had a $500 8-track player/recorder in the 70's.
If I own it, it's a universal signal that whatever I have will become obsolete before whatever you have does.
• Does anyone care that Martha Stewart does insider trading?
• Wynona Rider's shoplifting trial would get a lot classier if she'd remove that stupid arm sling. Who is she kidding with a prop like that? Seems more like something one o' them trailer trash Judd girls would do.
• Tom Cruise will appear on anything when he's pushing a movie. I just can't stand that little greasy headed weenie.

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