Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Corporate Boondoggle

I have a client, a big corporation in San Antonio.
I edit their monthly magazine.
On Monday, they are sending me to Dallas for two days to take some training.

I also have a slick client in Dallas, and when they want me up there, the secretary arranges everything, all I have to do is step on a plane in San Antonio, step off in Dallas and taxi to their corporate headquarters.

This local client handles things differently.
First I have to get an e-ticket at the airport. What time I don't know.
Then at the DFW airport someone will meet me. Who I don't know.
Then I am going to check into a hotel. Which I don't know.
Then I will be taken to a suburb of Dallas, which I don't know.
Then I will spend the day at their company, where I don't know.
Then I will be taken to my hotel, by whom I don't know.
The next day will be about the same.
That I know.

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