Thursday, June 27, 2002

Register to Win!


I looked at my site meter today and I noticed I am nearing the 10,000 hit mark.
Because I am a perfect balance between compulsive, competitive and impatient, I am sponsoring the FABULOUS 10,000 HIT SWEEPSTAKES, and I have some nice prizes for the 10,000th visitor to select from.
How will I tell who the 10,000 hitter is? Well, I am not sure, but as we close in on the number within 25 hits, I will ask you to reblog, asking me if you are it so I can compare domain names to the entrant.
Will that work? Maybe, but if not I have plenty of sneaky hacker pals who can probably guess the identity of the winner, what they were wearing when they entered, and when and with whom or what they last had sex.

The grand prizes will include:

• A long distance phone call from me to you, interviewing you about your blog or website and writing an official feature story on my blog about you. Or else we can just gossip and talk about other bloggers, your call.

• A dozen haiku, written about you!

But wait, there's more!
Select from this list of valuable prizes!

• Ten Texas scratch-off lottery tickets, mailed to your address, postage paid.
• One jar of La Fogata Fire Roasted Salsa, the best salsa in the civilized world, and a bag of tortilla chips, shaped like Texas, mailed to your home or office, in genuine Styrofoam peanut cushioning.
• A ten dollar gift certificate to
• One vintage (50's-70's) lesbian pulp fiction novel from my private collection!

Hurry! We are only a few hundred hits away from the BIG DAY!
Start hitting!

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