Thursday, June 13, 2002

Oh, Good.

I just returned from Robert's rosary, which is a Catholic thing where they say the rosary and everyone chimes in at the right time.
Robert had to lie there in front of everyone, which he would have hated because he didn't like to be the center of attention. He looked okay, for a dead guy, but still it was a horribly sad thing to see.
I eulogized him and felt very nice being able to do that for him.
By now, most of you know I am a lapsed Catholic, and I have turned against the Catholic church since the pedophilia charges came to light, and so many bishops and superiors in the church tried to bribe and lie their way out of it and cover for the criminals.
I was pleased to see lay Catholics running Robert's rosary, just normal folks with a strong faith in God.
Had there been a priest there, my mind would have wandered as to how many kiddies he's molested. I was so relieved not to have to feel that anger during Robert's ceremony.
I returned home to good news.
Seems the Catholic Bishops meeting in Dallas have finally copped to their utter failure to rein in perverted, child molesting priests.
They are finally begging for forgiveness from the laity, and moving closer to a zero tolerance policy toward child molesters in their ranks, past, present or future.
It's about time.
Now if they can just help police prosecute these Satanic bastards and start to incorporate some 20th Century ideals to the church, they may have stopped the hemorrhaging.
Three more things need to be done.
Ordain women priests, allow married men to become priests and stop the ridiculous no birth control, no freedom of choice rules.
Until they can get that far, they can continue to include me out.

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