Thursday, October 17, 2002

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Okay, let's face it, my lobster days are over for now.
San Antonio is not exactly the seafood capital of Texas, and I am not going to replicate anytime soon that one particularly succulent, meaty 2+ pounder I wolfed down Saturday night in Ogunquit.
So I had to get realistic and ponder the bounty of my own local cuisine.
That can only mean one thing: Enchiladas.
For dinner I had three perfect cheese enchiladas, covered in chili and cheese from Jacala, my favorite Tex Mex restaurant. They were perfect and I am back to normal now, no longer pining so much for Maine seafood.
People who leave San Antonio rush to Jacala the minute they return to the city.
Zeddie wanted to eat there every day while she was here, and she left with a jar of their salsa.
Rebecca, who visited me from Vancouver a few years ago, almost made out with a few cute Latina waitresses who were admiring her tatts and pierced things. She was buzzed on margaritas at the time.
For under $7, you can get a two-plate special dinner and leave with your belt a notch tighter. Add a few more bucks and get a margarita that'll make you goofy.

It's comfort food, baby, and I am comforted.

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