Monday, October 07, 2002

Pulp Friction Merchandise

I have noticed some of my fellow bloggers selling stuff with their blog logo on it, like
T-shirts, cups, mouse pads and so on.
I am thinking of marketing my own line of Pulp Friction merchandise.

• Pulp Friction Chick-Away™ Cologne:
When you wear this spicy scent, even the most stable and honest potential new girlfriend will run to the first ambulatory butch who catches her eye.
• Pulp Friction Dinosaur Plush Toys™:
Choose from three lovable dinosaur plushies: Likkalotapus, Tyranasoreass Ex, Brontobitch.
• Pulp Friction's Lesbian Travel Guide™:
Tips on finding love in or near desirable vacation locales.
• Pulp Friction Astrolube Guide™:
An intimate guide to which signs are the wettest and which are the driest!
• Pulp Friction Etch-a-Sketch™ telephone book:
Just flip it over and shake to remove errors in judgment.
• Pulp Friction Magic 8-Ball™ Romance Planner:
Works as well as any other method when it comes to choosing the right woman.

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