Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Survivor Picks

Sook Jai All Brawn-No Brain Tribe:
I think Robb will be spared again for his oxen like strength and bovine stupidity, rendering him harmless yet annoying.
Shii Ann probably learned from nearly getting the boot at last tribal council to shut the hell up. So that leaves my pick for that tribe Stephanie Dill, the lazy, no account firefighter who does not play well with others. See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.

Chuay Gai Mostly Geezer Tribe:
Hmm, tough one after Helen fucked up the boy/girl balance. This puts old Jan in a frail light, but with Clay yammering and sputtering like a dog chewing a wasp, he should be roundly hated by everyone but Ted, who I think Clay has some Mandingo-style-top-me-big- black-daddy sexual fantasies about.
Helen won't get the boot because the guys will protect her traitorous ass. Ted is safe for now. The bland used car/porn guy is the only real muscle they have, so he's safe. So that leaves Jan or Clay.
Risky, but I am going for Clay. He's too ugly in those swim trunks and that hillbilly cross eyed, bearded look to be allowed to stay. Old Jan is my alternate pick.

If there is a switch, I look for Shii Ann and Ted to make the switch, making them outsiders and therefore goners.

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