Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Gimme a Hit of That

I know my sitemeter will tank when I am gone, so I am going to have to bait some search engine hooks so I can attract new hits while the regulars are dormant.
Gee, I wonder if bass fishermen like women with big breasts?
Has Kelly from American Idol posed nude?
Osama bin Laden might be found dead. I watch CNN to find out.
I wish they'd sell FAT FREE CHOCOLATE. Oprah would love that.
What did Nostradamus say about the world trade center?
I wouldn't want hip hop or rap CDs if they gave them to me free.
Boy that Bruce Springsteen sure knows how to release a CD.
Melly told me she was 5'11". She's an!
Poor Richard Gere and those gerbil rumors.
I bet Britney Spears has never posed naked.
I can't wait for my vacation. Yahoo!
Is Napster still giving away free music downloads?
Think they'll convict Martha Stewart and make her a prison bitch?
Boy, is George W. Bush stupid!

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