Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Oh, My My

Despite traffic jams and rain enroute to Ogunquit from Hartford on Friday afternoon, once I got there I was swept away to Barnacle Billy's where the rum punch, lobster and steamers melted away any traffic snag/rain driving tension I may have had.
Saturday was wonderful. We took a long drive around the vicinity, walked on the beach in the mist, shopped, ate more lobster and steamers and drank more rum punches.
The 'we' I am referring to includes a lost love, maybe found again. We both need a few weeks to ponder things and see where we are.
It was good to see her again, that's all I can be sure of.
I thank whatever spiritual grace I have that caused my former travel companion to flake out before we actually met. I was more than rewarded for her bail-out, and was probably spared a lot of aggravation in the process.
On Monday, the skies were clear and the beach was gorgeous, so we took two walks, spent a little time saying sad good-byes, then headed off in opposite directions.
My rental car was a brand new Altima with a great sound system, so I played a Talking Heads compilation she made for me all the way to Westfield Mass, where I spent 24 hours with the charming parents of an ex. We visited my favorite New England park, then they took me to the top of Skinner Mountain, located near Mt. Holyoke College. Great views.
We finished off in Hartford, eating more steamers and huge lobsters, then they poured me onto the plane, laden with gifts and goodies.
I feel absolutely renewed after being near the beach and being around such wonderful people.

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