Thursday, October 10, 2002

Random Snippets From a Preoccupied Girl

I was at the old folks home the other day, having lunch with my 89-year-old mother in the big dining area. I said to her, "Hey Mom, have you noticed all the ladies around here have white hair except for you?"
She said, "Well, they're old."

Then on Monday, my sister the impatient lawyer and I spent the morning at the hospital while my other sister the Chinese Medicine doctor was in day surgery having an inguinal hernia repaired.
The lawyer sister started getting antsy while the doctor sister was in recovery, still totally zoned out on anesthesia.
Before I knew it, the lawyer had the doctor all dressed and poured into a wheelchair. I drove the poor thing home at least two hours before she should have been released.
I talked to her last night to see how she was and she said, "Boy, they sure threw me out of the hospital sooner than they should have. Patients should at least be able to talk or walk before they get released."
I told her, "Um, I think the lawyer might have expedited your release a bit."
She said, "Oh, is that how I got my clothes on?"

It's very humid and sort of warmish in San Antonio this week. I am going to end up dressing in something cool to travel in and freezing my ass off when I land in Connecticut. October 10 and it's still air conditioner weather in this steamroom of a town.
I can't wait to be cold. I am going to wade barefoot in the Atlantic just to get a nice chill. Mmm.

I am shlepping way too many gifts for way too many people. I was even planning to take some Texas hot sauce to this lesbian Ogunquit B&B innkeeper who had no vacancies, so I could drop in and meet her.
Then she asked me to bring her a nice, petite femme from Texas.
Scratch the hot sauce, I am not packing *anything* for some old butch.

More later, I have an urge to iron.

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