Thursday, October 03, 2002

Hey, Not Bad

I said in my reblog space that Robb or Jed the dental student would get the boot tonight, and it was Jed. That makes me 2 and 1 if I get full credit for Jed, since I picked either him or Robb from that tribe. Doesn't money is riding on it.
What matters is this.
Ghandia was dogging Ted to the others after he apologized for grinding her and that's not right.
See, the thing is, a married woman who would be hugging on and cuddling another man, then sleeping in a potential spoon position with her ass in front of him is just axing for trouble.
Men and butch women should not be teased that way, it's just not fair.
When I was dating men back in the stone age, I knew not to get too chummy with a man I didn't intend to have sex with. They get totally cranky when they are teased without relief, and it's just unsportsmanlike.
Ghandia was teasing Ted all night by allowing him to go as far as he did and he apologized. She should have apologized for having her ass pressed against his groin.
For her to go blabbing what happened to anyone with ears was bad form. The man apologized and she had accepted. She left that part out when she was carrying the tale. She is a prick teaser. Bitch got to go. And Ted's wife will kick his bad ass when he gets home, don't you worry.
Man, I loved those red berets making fashionable kitchen utensils out of sticks, and then finding raddichio, field greens, seafood delicacies and 100 ways to fix coconut. It was like they showed the old, wimpy tribe how to open their own little Thai restaurant.
Meanwhile, the big and brawny Sukk Yu tribe is starting to waste away without food or happy layers of fat to consume. Way to go losing the fishing net.
Looks like the Ching Gow tribe may surge ahead now that the red berets have taught them advanced survival skills.
Next week if they lose immunity, the geezer tribe will throw out either Ghandia or Ted.
I think Ghandia needs to get her big, tempting butt back to her husband.
Next off on the Sukk Yu tribe, gotta be Robb.

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