Tuesday, October 29, 2002

My IM With God

God IsGood02: Hello.
Karen Zipdrive: Hi God, nice to see you! :)
God IsGood02: You too, my child.
Karen Zipdrive: So, what's up?
God IsGood02: I think you know what's up.
Karen Zipdrive: What, that glucose thing?
God IsGood02: Yes.
Karen Zipdrive: Hey, I had cancer last year, what now, diabetes?
God IsGood02: :X
Karen Zipdrive: No, no, no, don't clam up on me, God.
God IsGood02: How many miles have you put on your exercise bike in the last six weeks?
Karen Zipdrive: Umm, maybe six?
God IsGood02: You think that's impressive?
Karen Zipdrive: Well, I have been lifting weights.
God IsGood02: And I have blessed you with biceps and triceps.
Karen Zipdrive: Yes and thank you for that. But that's not enough?
God IsGood02: How are the chocolates you brought back from Maine?
Karen Zipdrive: Oh they're fantas– uh oh. Is there a correlation here?
God IsGood02: Are you thirsty all the time?
Karen Zipdrive: Actually, I am.
God IsGood02: Do you pee a lot?
Karen Zipdrive: Well yes, I do, kinda.
God IsGood02: Have you lost much weight lately without exercise or dieting much?
Karen Zipdrive: Oh, about 30 pounds this year.
God IsGood02: Do you feel flushed often?
Karen Zipdrive: I am flushed now!
God IsGood02: I see.
Karen Zipdrive: So the glucose test, it was high, huh?
God IsGood02: I see the brains I blessed you with are at rest right now.
Karen Zipdrive: Okay, It was high.
God IsGood02: That is True.
Karen Zipdrive: So, do I have diabetes?
God IsGood02: What do you think?
Karen Zipdrive: I think I might.
God IsGood02: Go forth and be tested.
Karen Zipdrive: Oh, I hate this.
God IsGood02: The alternatives are worse.
Karen Zipdrive: But I still have chocolates left!
God IsGood02: Then eat them.
Karen Zipdrive: But they could kill me!
God IsGood02: :) mmm hmmm.
Karen Zipdrive: Okay, I get the message.
God IsGood02: Gotta go, my green tea is ready.
Karen Zipdrive: Uh, okay God. Take it easy.
God IsGood02: Yep, you too.
Karen Zipdrive: Am I gonna be okay, God?
God IsGood02: That's up to you, Cupcake. ;) Byeee.

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