Thursday, October 24, 2002

Hmm...Maybe It Wasn't a Nerdy White Guy

The other day I mused about the sniper in the DC area and said it was likely a nerdy white guy, since they tend to be the usual suspects in cases like this.
Looks like I could be dead wrong:

FREDERICK, Md. (Oct. 24) - Two men wanted for questioning in the wave of deadly sniper attacks were arrested early Thursday after they were found sleeping in their car at a Maryland rest stop, authorities said...
...At a midnight news conference, Montgomery County Police Chief Charles Moose said John Allen Muhammad, 42, was being sought for questioning in the slayings and called him ''armed and dangerous.'' Muhammad was said to be traveling with a juvenile, identified by a law enforcement source as 17-year-old Lee Malvo....
...A law enforcement source close to the investigation told The Associated Press that ''I'm confident that these are indeed the people'' sought in the killings..."

Muhammad is a black man, originally from Jamaica. His companion is a teen, said to be his stepson.
Muhammad is said to have voiced sympathies for the 9/11 terrorists.
Though the law says he's innocent until proven guilty, ballistics tests will suffice for me.
If they match and he's indicted, I hope he has a speedy trial.

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