Saturday, October 26, 2002

A Lesbian Public Service Blog

I was thinking more about my bloggy buddies and it occurred to me, some of my straight male blog friends probably wouldn't be exposed to an ordinary lesbian's daily life without blog access.
"What do lesbians do?" some people ask.
Well, we pay taxes, we grocery shop, we garden, we vote, we wash our cars, we do laundry, we deal with our families, we have lunch, we watch TV, we go to work, we gossip with friends, we blog, we do all kinds of things.
What? You mean, what do we do in bed?
Believe it or not, the Secret Lesbian Handbook left out that chapter.
No two lesbians are alike in sexual wants, behaviors or desires. Some are nearly celibate, some are oversexed, some are kinky, some are hung up.
You just never know until the dance begins.
Aviva and I were talking the other night about the vast array of lesbians who are now into BD/SM action. Subs and dommes, pain and pleasure, costumes and fantasy are tons more prevalent than they were when I came out in the 70's. Some of it shocks me, but basically I don't care what other adults do for sexual pleasure.
Neo lesbians, aka Gen X dykes, never knew what true gay oppression was like.
They never had to grab a gay guy on the dancefloor when the cops came in to arrest queers. They never had to stay a safe social distance from their girlfriend in public, lest they get beaten by angry witnesses to their attraction.
It's pretty easy to be a lesbian now in most major cities. We just sort of blend in, sensible shoes and all.
Maybe it's a disappointment to some readers that we dyke bloggers don't write more specifically about lesbian sex.
I think sex should be kept private, especially when love is involved. That's just me though.
If there's a lesbian blogger talking about all the action she gets, let me know! We may need a wBarbie to go with our sexy straight pal, wKen.

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