Thursday, October 31, 2002

Y'all Are Amazing

I have family, friends and now a woman who loves me, but I have to say I am very aware and grateful to my Bloggy World friends who have encouraged me and seen me through this shocking new development.
Thanks, everyone.
When I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer in 2001, I read enough to know it was likely a simple matter of a hysterectomy and I'd be cured. No chemo, no radiation, no after effects. And so it was.
Now with diabetes, I was scared. Shaking, shivering and crying scared.
It's incurable- so they say- and it flies in the face of my love for all things epicurean.
I was married to a chef, who died in 1989. Barry was cordon bleu trained and taught me so many things about wines, cuisines and cooking.
I've never been one to loll around eating Ding Dongs and junk food. I have very finicky tastes in foods and have had the luxury of indulging them over the last three decades.
Now the paradigm shifts.
I must relearn how to create and locate delicious foods without sugar and with far less fat. I must learn whatever this timing thing is that will allow me occasional chocolate or a dessert.
I must get off my ass and do more exercise. The more I do the more likely I can have that little chocolate thing now and then.
I absolutely can't smoke anymore. It's just lethal to a diabetic in terms of circulatory complications.
I'll have to pay attention to the fluttery feeling when I am hungry, and realize that the sinking feelings I've been having were not from impending old age, they were the diabetes talking.
Diabetes is a sneaky, insidious bitch.
Leave her alone and she'll make you blind, cut your feet off or shut your endocrine system down.
I'm not going to let that happen.
Anyway, thanks again for the support. I'll try to move off this topic asap. I hate health complaining, even my own.

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