Saturday, October 19, 2002

Rain, Pancakes and the Reluctant Muse

My Saturday was supposed to consist of driving up to Wimberly for a huge company picnic my biggest client hosts every year. Rain canceled that, at least as far as I was concerned. Damn, I was looking forward to it.
I went to Jim's Coffee House with my friend Elaine to drown my sorrows in a short stack of pancakes and some good, smoky bacon.
She was fussing with a belly ache and wanted to go home and back to bed.
I wanted to make art with her. She and I were both art directors (she still is) and she's fun to doodle/collaborate with. She's a definite muse to me.
I followed her home like a wet puppy and she had no choice but to let me in.
I made two little colored pencil drawings of Ogunquit, one of the Marginal Way, a cliffside walking path overlooking the ocean, and one of silly, random graphics like lobsters, clams, autumn leaves and rum punches.
I sent them to Aviva as e-postcards. Haven't heard the reaction yet.
Elaine and I listened to Moby and old Soul 2 Soul CD's while we were doodling. It felt great to just unplug my right brain, draw, listen to music and empty my head.
The rain was all set to ruin my day and my disposition, but I refused to let it and now I am happy again.
All I need now is a good book, a few chocolates and a nap.
I am reading "Tran-sister Radio" and it's very interesting, if you like transexuals, small Vermont towns and a woman who is a reluctant lesbian because her boyfriend had a sex change and now is a dyke.
Better delving into their drama than creating my own, that's all I'm saying.

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