Sunday, October 06, 2002

Brazilian Brain Terrorism

Last night I went to dinner at some friends' house with another couple and my friend Cynthia.
After some iced sake with the appetizers, they served the national cocktail of Brazil called a Caipirhina, which consists of a 150 proof Brazilian cane sugar rum called Cachaça, muddled with lime juice, sugar and ice. They taste 40% better than the best margarita.
The reason Brazil is not a superpower is because they drink Caipirhinas (pronounced kype-pee-REE-nahss).
After two I was so drunk I was eating couscous out of Cynthia's hand, and by the third drink I nearly gave my friend Ruben my new red shoes.
Finally, dinner was ready and we had the most perfect grilled salmon, grilled asparagus, zucchini and red peppers, couscous with pinenuts and sweet cranberries, some baby new potatoes and a spinach salad with bacon, pomegranate kernels and some other fabulous things I was too drunk to discern.
Even with a hangover, I awakened grateful to have friends who know how to throw the perfect dinner party.
Meanwhile, if you are a drinker and looking for something really novel to serve, find a liquor store that stocks Cachaça, buy a mess of limes and make a batch of Caipirhinas.
They are like margaritas with less obvious kick, yet the buzz is tons better.
I am trying to figure out a way to take a batch to New England with me.

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