Sunday, October 27, 2002

Late Night TV

I just saw a Maaco Auto Painting commercial starring Burt Reynolds. Yipes. Now his toupee is gray. Too bad Love Boat was canceled, they'd give him some work.
The show I was watching was called "Smooth Jazz." I was watching it because I was stretched out on the couch in my office, the clicker was on my desk and I was too lazy to fetch it.
The show featured Kenny G. playing, "The Look of Love" with some orchestra.
I figured out who he looks like. He's a cross between an Orthodox Jewish rabbi and Hugh Hefner. Poor shmuck. I wish he'd cool it with the grinning and mugging while he plays.
I finally got up and grabbed the clicker after an infomercial about how to work a PC came on.
Late night weekend TV is very dicey.
I paused to watch a Jerry Springer crew filming an irate boyfriend interrupting a hillbilly wedding. Seems the bride was sleeping with her maid of honor, who is also her sister.
Mama fainted and daddy took out after the disgruntled boyfriend. The daddy had about 7 inches of belly bulging shirt where his tie ended.
Now I am watching whatever movie that was that caused Meg Ryan to ditch Dennis Quaid for Russell Crowe. He cleans up nice, but I still think he's the stinky type.
Meg Ryan is still cute. Too cute for Russell Crowe.
Tonight we turned back the clocks an hour. I feel I must stay up and spend the extra time. Gained an hour but lost my mind. Goodnight.

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