Thursday, October 03, 2002

Survivor Picks

I am far too lazy today to contemplate who may or may not be kicked off Survivor tonight, so instead I will just copy the e-mail I received on the subject from a friend of mine. Let her predictions count as mine. Here's what she had to say:

I'm going with Jan or Stephanie.

It was a tough call between Jan and Helen though. I know nobody likes
Helen, but she's strong, so she's useful. I mean, she can go get food,
cook it, and build a restaurant to serve it in. Jan's only marketable
skill is floating. Plus I hate that down home thing she has going on.

Stephanie is a lazy whore who was sick last week, so I'm thinking she's

Robb is an ass, I agree. But he's a big strong guy, and that makes him
useful for now. Ghandia has impressive cleavage, so I kinda like her.

There's also Clay to consider because he's too small to be of value, plus
he snores.

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