Wednesday, October 23, 2002

This is Already Way Out of Hand

"ROCKVILLE, Md. (Oct. 23) - A bus driver was shot to death Tuesday as he was about to set out on his morning route in what authorities fear was the 13th attack by the Washington-area sniper. Police also revealed a chilling warning found at a weekend shooting scene:
''Your children are not safe anywhere at any time.''

I haven't noticed any blogs about this nutter, but what the fuck is going on?
Yesterday I was sitting with two African Americans at the pharmacy waiting room watching CNN, and I found myself saying, "Well, we know this nut is not a woman and he's probably some white guy who neighbors will say was polite, quiet and kept to himself."
We all kind of chuckled, but I suspect it's true. There's nothing nuttier than a wimpy white dude with a gun.
On the drive home, I noticed a banner advertising a big gun show at the Live Oak Auditorium coming in November.
Just out of morbid curiosity, I attended a big gun show at the San Antonio Convention Center a few years ago.
The gray cloud of clabbered testosterone notwithstanding, I have never felt such creepy vibes in my life. I've been to cheerier funerals.
Skinheads meet rednecks meet bikers meet neo Nazis and gang members, all coming together to ooh and ahh over weapons of destruction and other violent gear.
This eastern sniper is trotting around with a high powered rifle. Had he not been using it to murder innocent victims at random, it would probably be perfectly legal for him to sashay around holding it.
I hate guns.
I think people who feel they must possess an arsenal of handguns and rifles have some deep-seated fears and inadequacy problems.
We have a constitutional right to bear arms, but when that right was created the weapons the framers had in mind were hardly Saturday night specials or laser sited assault weapons.
Times change. Those same forefathers owned slaves.
We don't have strict enough gun control laws because the NRA lobby buys politicians.
We don't have strict enough gun control laws because the media gluts our senses with glamorous images of people using guns to get their way.
Most sophisticated countries have strict gun control laws and significantly fewer deaths caused by murder than does the U.S.
Times have changed. People and their kids in the Maryland/Virginia DC area are being held prisoner by one fucking nutter with a rifle.
The first thing that dimwit George Dubya did as Governor of Texas was to institute a concealed weapon law in Texas. That's right, you take a few hours of "gun safety training" and you too can carry a Glock or a .357 in your pocket, car or handbag in the Lone Star State.
If this sniper is ever apprehended, let's pray it causes some bold legislator to create a more rigorous gun control policy.
It's only going to get worse until we do.

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