Wednesday, October 02, 2002

We Interrupt This Blog...

I have to write several articles before the 10th so I can scamper off on vacation, so I will be doing bloggy hors d'oeuvres until I get through churning the corporate buttah.
I offer a few haiku to fill the space and illustrate where my mind is.

Vacation time, whee!
Clams, delicious bivalves, please
Yum yum, mercury

Maine: good for lobster
Butter on a girl's chin looks
Very Flashdancey

Hey baby, let's meet
Okay, let's meet in Maine, hmm?
No, you bitched too much.

Sandy beaches stretch
Seven miles across the sea
Ouch, my aching feet

Oh boy, L.L. Bean!
Damn, lotsa plaid stuff in here
That, and big dog beds.

Gorgeous autumn leaves
So nice you want to save some
Turn brown in suitcase

Yankee to Texan:
Hey, we won the civil war
Get over it, dawg

Texan to Yankee:
Hey, nice gas prices here, y'all
Bend over, Yankee

Me in Maine gay bar:
Hi, I have no HIV
Want to dance with me?

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