Monday, October 21, 2002

Chores and Rewards

My license plate sticker expired in March.
I have had seven months to renew it but it became a challenge to see how long I could go without doing it. It's also a hassle to drive downtown and wait on line in the urine-scented tax assessor's office. I swear, it smells like a condemned old folks home in there.
I have a doctor's appointment at a military hospital tomorrow and I just couldn't face another 18-year-old MP warning me he "could have me removed from the post" because my plates were expired. Power hungry little pricks.
So I went downtown, only to discover I'd left my money, ID and insurance proof in my purse at home. So I went home and got them.
I went back and promised myself a BLT at The TipTop Cafe for lunch afterwards as a reward for being a solid Jane Q. Citizen.
Monday. The Tip Top Cafe is closed on Monday.
I spied Lan's Indochine restaurant across the street, where they feature a lunch buffet for only $5.99. I was hungry enough to eat the butt out of a ragdoll, so I went across the street with expectations low.
They had some incredible buffet items. Tiger cry salad with sliced beef in a spicy peanut dressing. Yellow curried chicken with veggies and coconut milk. Thai noodles with beef. Thai spiced green beans with chicken. I had two plates full and two giant glasses of iced tea.
Now I must be imbued with wisdom, because I have a genuine Buddha belly.
I took a little walk after lunch and the weather was just like Ogunquit was last week. It made me sad so I went back to my newly legit car and came home.
I guess I'll have to think of another unpleasant chore to earn that BLT tomorrow.

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