Friday, October 25, 2002

Bloggy Thoughts

This morning I awakened before dawn and indulged myself in reading all my bloglinks.
Topics included the snipers, baseball, politics, fat, food, foreign guests, big ball fitness, dental surgery, people's work and a few other things.
It's amazing how we get to know each other through blogs and commenting, so well we can start to predict how each other will react to any given topic.
I thought about who I have linked. Some I know better than others.
Of my 16 links, five are straight men, six are lesbians, one is bisexual and the rest are straight women. Where are the gay men? Search me, I usually get on great with gay men.
As a journalist, I am constrained in what I write by my need to earn a living.
As a blogger, I can write whatever I like and use whatever fucking expletives I want.
I could just keep a real journal, drag a pen across paper and pour out my thoughts, but I am constantly mindful of who might thumb through it after I am dead.
So I blog journal.
I have only deleted two entries this year. One was needlessly cruel and one was too personal and was drawing comments that exceeded what really existed at the time.
Comments make blog journaling much more fun than writing in a private diary.
My reader/commenters usually don't pull punches and often help me see a different perspective. Men tend to comment on certain types of posts and women another.
Today I am tempted to wax eloquently about a topic that's on my mind, but I have to talk to a few people first to make sure they know before they read it here.
Why do you blog? Why do you read blogs?

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