Thursday, October 17, 2002

Survivor Recap!

I think I may be 4 for 5 on my picks now that I nailed Stephanie as the latest casualty.
Go figure, people had a chance to swap tribes and nobody took it. Stephanie was dumb to pass up the chance and so was Jan the old geezer.

The Suck Joy Tribe simply has to get rid of Robb next because he's such a big fucking jerk. Still, Shii Ann is a minority and has bad social eating habits so she'll probably get the ax next.
On the other hand, that nice NYPD cop was seen fronting Robb in the previews, so maybe enough will be enough. Robb has that obnoxious sense of entitlement common to the young, dumb and fulla cum generation, so it'll be good to see him backed down by a grown man.

The Chewy Guy tribe should forget about voting Clay off next, they should just get together and kill the little creep. If he rolled his eyes and lipped off to one more person tonight I would have turned into Elvis and shot out the TV screen.

Even though, I think Jan will be the next one to go because those boat losing imbeciles Ted and Pornboy will back Clay up and so will that guy-wannabe Helen.

Is it me or do they have an especially unappealing crowd this season? And that woman from Austin is losing weight everywhere but her huge bazoongas, which some allege are fake.

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