Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Ain't Nothin' Gonna Break-a My Stride

I have found the answers to all my woes. New shoes. Actually, new boots if you are a stickler for details.
Here they are!
I also got some powerful, space age shock absorbent inserts so I can walk 500 miles, uphill, in snow without even so much as a muscle twitch.
I know these boots are "drizzle proof" and not actually "snow proof," but I figure they will be sufficient for a few days of snow exposure in a certain foreign city north of the eastern United States.
The main thing is they are very friendly looking, they look comfy and I suspect they are basically boot versions of my beloved Land's End all weather sports mocs.
I plan to do a Montreal Travelogue while I am up in that certain foreign city north of the eastern United States. With my days free, I will traverse on bootclad foot a six to ten block radius through the bitterly cold weather, and proffer my views of the place as an outsider.
At least that's what I plan from here in 57º sunny weather.
Once I get my thin-skinned Texas butt out walking in 3ºF Canadian weather, my travelogue might be short-lived and start with," Damn it's cold," and end with, "I am going back inside."
But one thing is for sure. My new boots will be ideal for any weather condition and I will be the envy of everyone in Canada.

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