Thursday, January 09, 2003

No Common Sense

So off I go today to the grocery store to restock my fruit, veggie, fish and other diabetic punishment foods.
As usual, I got some all beef, no fat 100% kosher Hebrew National hot dogs.
So I needed buns. Healthy, whole wheat, low carb buns.
None to be found. Where is the grocer's common sense?
They had sugar free, whole wheat hamburger buns, but no hot dog buns with fewer than 35 grams of crapohydrates. I ended up getting the hamburger buns, which means I have to cut the hot dogs in half, which kind of ruins the whole effect. No way will I use the hamburger buns for hamburger. I think hamburger is one of the most dangerously suspect foods one can eat. And Bocaburgers and Gardenburgers are just a reminder that I am now serving a life sentence in dietary Hell.
Can you tell I drifted away from my strict diet while A. was here and I am having a bit of a struggle putting the yoke back on? My blood sugar is averaging about 160. That's the stage where I don't feel sick but I don't feel that well, either.
I am too fatigued to exercise and will feel worse if I don't.
All this would never have occurred to me had I not faced the hot dog bun dilemma.
I must now drown my sorrows in the crunch of a gala apple.

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