Thursday, January 23, 2003

Rant n' Rove

We all know Resident Bush is probably not evil, per se.
Evil takes a certain level of intellect, which the resident does not possess.
What we need to start looking at is Karl Rove, the master marionettist who holds the resident's strings.
Though one can stipulate to the resident's guileless nature, one cannot overlook some of his recent actions that remove any doubt about the evil that lurks within the puppet house.
Did anyone notice that the resident's stance on minority admissions policies at the University of Michigan occurred on or around Martin Luther King Day?
Now, that was just nasty. That was a "fuck you, MLK" move.
Thanks, Karl Rove!
Then the resident's sub-puppets announce part of their economic package allows business owners to buy the biggest, baddest gas guzzlers on the road and virtually write them off on their taxes.
Heading into war with an oil rich enemy and encouraging American business owners to waste fuel is yet another "fuck you" from the White House. I smell Karl Rove again.

Let's face facts.
September 11 was America's worst day in history.
A chimpanzee could have faced the nation and mimed how we were gonna get those bad guys, and the nation would have cheered.
In a lackluster residency before 9/11, Dubya needed something catastrophic to lube his way back into office. Rove played the background violin solo and gave Dubya the sounds with which to hum along. His off-key humming was rather endearing at a time when we all needed some kind, any kind of lullaby.
So we still don't elect Dubya, but his brother's state fucks up the vote and the stacked Supreme Court shoos him in anyway.
Even so, the toxic clouds of 9/11 still stung our eyes, so we as a nation said yes to the resident, do send our people and supplies over to Afghanistan to kick Osama Bin Laden's ass.
"You can run and you can hide, but we will hunt you down and get you," said the steely eyed resident to network cameras.
Sixteen months later, no capture, and Karl Rove has trained the resident not to utter Bin Laden's name.
Suddenly, Saddam Hussein, whom we hadn't heard squat from in 10 years, emerges as public global enemy number one.
Karl Rove to the resident:
"If they bring up Osama, you bring up Saddam!"
"If they bring up questions about why Saddam all of a sudden, you question their patriotism!"
"If they march against war in Iraq, you tell them they are marching with evil people who back evil things!"
"If they bring up the budget, you bring up Saddam!!"
"If they bring up racial issues, you trot out Condie and Colin!"
"If they bring up affordable prescriptions for the elderly, you bring up Saddam!"
Bush is doing just that and people are buying it.
I love America and I wave my flag proudly.
But Bush is not America, we didn't elect him and we need to stop swallowing this crap Karl Rove is telling him to say.

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