Saturday, January 25, 2003

Back With a Vengeance

Thanks to my good friend Grey Bird for posting a message about my computer problems. I am all fixed up now.
To all who commented about the fuckupedness of my iMac, it wasn't an iMac problem, it turned out to be an AOL problem.
Macs are good computers. None of that cdrivebackslashbootupWindows™ crap.
I work mine half to death, stuffing it with fat-assed software programs, jpgs, files and files of files and files and all kinds of other crap.
Each morning, mine just turns herself on, makes me coffee and brings me delightful
e-mail from a hoard of eager entrepreneurs wanting to sell me penis enlargers, bust enhancements, remortgage loans, credit card offers, photos of underage girls with barnyard animals and Viagra delivered by mail in discretely unmarked boxes.
So it was not my iMac. She is temperamental but basically a good, loyal workhorse.
Blame AOL. It sucks but it's free for me. So there you have it.

It's still cold here (40º) but the drizzle and gray skies make it seem even colder. It's one of those days where one wears fleecy loungewear and sits near a window reading a book while drinking one of those phony General Foods flavored instant coffees.
Actually, I am doing none of those things, but if I was the type, this would be the kind of day for that.

I am anticipating a call from my angelic computer tech Tricia to see if she and her partner Irene would prefer we go to a restaurant tonight or I cook for them here.
Irene is allergic to cats, so dinner here would have to include a sidetrip to buy a heavy duty bagless vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
I've needed one of those anyway, so this would be as good an excuse as any.

I never have to actually pay Tricia money for helping me fix computer woes. We always work out some kind of multilevel prize package instead. Today she got dinner for her partner and her, a DVD we ordered off Amazon and some other wampum I'd rather not mention. Bartering is a wonderful thing.

So that's my Saturday. How's yours going? What do you people up in all that snow and ice do on days like this?

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