Monday, January 20, 2003

How to Avert War but Still Kick Some Ass and Make Some Money

I have combined my entrepreneurial mind with my leftist anti war leanings and come up with a product that will preserve our national pride while punishing those who defy us.

Exploding American Flags.

Yep. You try to burn or stomp on one of these babies and you can say hello to the nearest prosthetician, Stumpy.
We export a mess of them to the Middle East, and since they go through our flags like matches anyway, there's already a chronic shortage.
Then we watch the CNN coverage of the next Iraqi protest against us and **BLAMMO** there goes another terrorist's leg.
It's the Exploding American Flag, it stops protesters in their tracks AND it provides jobs for Americans!

You wanna stomp on or incinerate Old Glory?
Go ahead, Al Qaida, make my day.

For information on how YOU can become a wholesaler or retailer for this fine American product, contact Karen Zipdrive at this blog.
And God Bless America.

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