Friday, January 03, 2003

Go Go Go Go Go

Aviva is an action girl. She likes to go places, see and do things more than anyone on Earth. As you may recall, I tend to stay tired and curmudgeonly. She hasn't seemed to notice the former and ignores the latter.
Yesterday we had a few hours of unscheduled time at home. She said, "What the fuck are we supposed to do with the time?"
So we used it (select one):
a. lovemaking
b. driving to three different western stores so she could look at tooled leather purses.
I am not giving the answer, but suffice it to say she didn't find a purse she liked.
Ahh, the Riverwalk. It has had its desired effect on her. She loves it. We go everyday. We just walk mostly, she likes the umbrellas over the cafe tables.
And Cow Parade. She likes that, too. We have seen 90% of the cows on display all over town. We snuck into the official cow parade studio on Tuesday and photographed a woman actually painting a cow.
And puffy tacos at Jacala. She wants them twice a day.
So let's review: the Riverwalk, cows and tacos. The rest is just filler.

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