Sunday, January 26, 2003

Super Bore Sunday

Well. I am certainly not caught up in the Super Bowl frenzy.
In fact, I was searching the TV Guide for a polar opposite and gleefully found a "Two Fat Ladies: Bigger, Better, Butter" marathon on the Food Network.
Nothing like a steak, pan fried in a pound of butter to make me think about the good old days. Actually, I never was a steak n' butter type cook, but I could see how the two might work together.

I just got back from seeing the movie "Frida" a second time. Salma Hyack, even with the unibrow and mustache, was Mexilicious. The movie explains beautifully why so many of Frida Kahlo's paintings were so freakish. Yipes.

The Fat Ladies are making onion soup with Stilton cheese in it. They are frying some croutons in oil right now to go with it. "You can never have too many croutons," one of them said. They had crumbled bacon in a bowl to add to it.
No wonder one of them croaked.

I better go ride my bike.

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