Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Procrastination Blog

I have work to do. Tomorrow is my deadline.
So, it's time for my monthly time wasting blog.

My salt was overtaking my pepper so yesterday I colored my hair. Hair color makes hair thicker. My hair has gotten a lot longer than I usually keep it, so this morning I woke up with my coif looking like Keith Richards.
It's a good thing the girlfriend is 2,030 miles away on mornings like this.
It's also a good thing I work alone.

Does anyone besides me think Mariska Hargitay from "Law and Order: SVI" is totally hot?
She's Jayne Mansfield's daughter, by the way. Same big brown eyes and general rackatude. I watch that show every Friday just to see what she does for casual workwear.

Another burning television question I have is this. Is it my imagination or are there several dozen permutations of Law and Order and CSI? If one can find The Simpsons running at any given time in Canada, the same goes for one or more of these crime shows in the states.
She pronounces her first name "Mar-ISH-ka." Just in case you want to chant it.

I also have an odd attraction to Vincent DeNofrio, who's on another of those permutation crime shows. He's so weird and intense, and he has very nice teeth. I love that he always looks like he's about to go berserk, but he never does.

Okay. I have nothing much to say today and it shows. Sue me.

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