Saturday, January 25, 2003


I am not a dog owner but I like dogs, as long as they don't stink too much, don't hump my leg or get up in my face.
Animal Planet has on the AKC National Invitational Championship dog show tonight and it's really sort of fascinating.
Dogs, unlike cats, can be trained to sit or stand a certain way and be still.
Cats would rather die.
Dogs will do anything to please their master and even more for an occasional treat.
Cats may eat a treat if they feel like it, but certainly not so they can please their owners.
Dogs look happy when they are happy. They wag their tails just so you'll know.
Cats like to disguise their happiness. They only wag their tails when they are pissed off.

Still, I prefer cats. They are more like women.
It's more challenging to get them come when you want them to and even harder to win their love.
And they won't prance around with you in front of a crowd, looking like they are having a great time... unless they really, really mean it.

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