Friday, January 17, 2003

Oh, Puleeze

"BAGHDAD (Jan. 17) - A defiant Saddam Hussein rallied Iraqis on the 12th anniversary of the 1991 Gulf War on Friday with a vow to rout U.S. troops at the gates of Baghdad.
The Iraqi president said he had mobilized his army and drawn up a plan to counter any invasion by the tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers, warplanes and ships now massing in the Gulf."

I don't want a war. Everyone knows that.
Thing is, I don't like to read about a "defiant Saddam," when we all know his troops are shot to hell after years of waging war with every Tom, Dick and Abdul in the region.
Given a choice, probably half the Iraqi people would like to see Saddam and his crazy sons dead anyway.
I am no fan of Dubya, but even with Clueless George at the helm, we have enough military strength and competent military leadership to squash Iraq like a bug.
The dilemma is, the Iraqi people shouldn't have to pay with their lives for the acts of a sniveling dictator who treats his own people like chattel.
There is some speculation in the German "Der Spiegel" magazine about Saddam and his goons perhaps taking exile somewhere abroad in exchange for averting a war with the United States.
Even in exile, I don't think Saddam could keep himself out of trouble.
In Texas, there is an unwritten defense for murder called, "the sumbitch needed killin'."
Take for example, a neighborhood drunk who shoots at dogs, poison cats and slaps around his wife. He also exposes himself to young girls, molests young boys, plays his music too loud and never mows his lawn. He points guns at people who confront him, he lets his dog crap on your lawn and he keys cars parked too close to his house.
Some might argue that sumbitch needed killin.'
That does not mean his wife and kids need killin' too.
And such is the case with Iraq.
The Iraqi people may need to kill him to save their own hides.

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