Tuesday, January 07, 2003


Well, Aviva made it home all right but one of her gargantuan suitcases did not arrive with her. That alone is a trauma, but she's a woman who folds her T-shirts so they look like they've never been worn and uses little zipper bags for anything she packs that may leak, stain or fall out of perfect alignment. She packs a suitcase in a way that would make Martha Stewart's luggage look like a drunken sailor's shore leave duffle bag.
She's not one to accept lost luggage with a sanguine attitude. United Airlines will wish they'd never fucked up, that I can guarantee.
My house is dead quiet. The cats are depressed and have been sleeping all day.
James may be especially tired because he sensed something last night that made him do a Cirque de Soleil act on the bed while we were, uh, saying good-bye. He was jumping, twirling, pinning our arms under his ham-sized ass, rolling over on his back, looking at us upside down and break dancing. We finally had to exile him, he got so manic.
I never before noticed the volume of cat hair the boys leave in their wake. Nor was I that aware of the 'fragrance' they create in their bedroom within a half hour of getting a clean litter box.
Aviva, however, can spot a single cat hair at 30 paces and can smell a one-inch cat turd from five blocks away. The boys are so lovable their disgusting habits weren't a deal breaker, per se, but we will have to create a new kitty management system if A. decides to join our little family. We'll have to start with one of those electric, self cleaning litter boxes. And ripping up the carpeting.
All that talk of exiling the kitties from our sleeping area lasted maybe two days.
One night I put my arm around her as we slept and I found myself with a handful of James. His spine was fused to her belly, *under* the covers. She had her arm around his ribs and his head was asleep on her forearm.
That seriously undermined her strict 'no cats in bed' edict. Meanwhile, Bart charmed her with his calm, mature presence and overall beauty. I caught her kissing him on the head when she thought I was outside.
James actually got in the shower with her. I had to hide my guffaws when she told me.

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