Sunday, January 12, 2003

Happy Birthday, Mom

Today was my Mom's 90th birthday. Here was our phone conversation:

M: Hello?
K: Happy Birthday, BooBoo!
M: Who's this?
K: It's Karen
M: Oh, hi Sharron
K: No, it's Karen, Mom
M: Yes I know. I hear you have good news from the doctor!
K: What doctor?
M: My eye doctor!
K: What did he say?
M: He said the red things in my eyes can be cured.
K: What red things?
M: The two leaders here introduced me all around to everyone at dinner.
K: Oh, you mean for your birthday?
M: Uh huh.
K: Did they give you a party?
M: Who?
K: The retirement home.
M: Oh no, the kids had a big dinner at lunch for me.
K: So, you had two parties today?
M: I had three!
K: You had three parties?
M: When?
K: Today, Mom.
M: Oh? You went to three parties today?
K: No Mom, I did some work, no parties.
M: Are you still working for that outfit?
K: Yep.
M: Uh oh, the people are here to visit me, I gotta go now.
K: Okay. Happy birthday, Mom. I love you. I'll be coming up soon to see...
M: You too! Bueno bye! (click)

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