Saturday, January 25, 2003

Life: It's the Little Green Things That Count

Tonight the Iron Chef is having a broccoli challenge.
I am not a huge broccoli fan, especially when the challenger is making broccoli ice cream, squid ink pasta with broccoli and a fruit salad made with broccoli stems soaked in wine.

I'll pause now while my readers mop the projectile vomit off their monitors.

I do appreciate the bizarre, and a broccoli cook-off between two guys in Japan doing Italian cookery using broccoli as the main theme is plenty bizarre.
I went out for Thai tonight. Pad Thai and shrimp clay pot. It was great, and besides the noodles in the pad Thai, I stayed pretty much within the Diabetes Deprivation Zone.
My dining companions had friend bananas drizzled in honey for dessert.
I came home to a sugar free Fudgesicle. And broccoli on TV.

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