Sunday, January 12, 2003

Really Bad Jeans

I have gotten into the habit of shopping online for clothes because I hate malls and crowds so much. I don't really notice or keep track of fashion, I just buy the same kind of clothes all the time.
While Aviva was here, we hit a few malls just so she could get a taste of them.
What I want to know is this.
What happened to blue jeans? When did this trend for streaky skid marks start? The jeans they sell now look like they were washed in a dirty river, then used as grease monkey rags, then bleached to remove the motor oil. They look skanky, that's all there is to it.
Why would anyone buy new jeans pre-stained, with the ass sanded off?
And whose idea was it to bring back hip huggers?
When I was a young hippie type, we came by our fucked-up jeans honestly. We wore them until they fell off, and that's how we achieved that classic "worn-out" look.
Now kids plunk down $75 to buy fucked-up jeans they are too prissy to ruin themselves.
I tell ya, the kids today have it too easy.
(Yikes! Did I really say that?)

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