Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Another Republican Asshole

Associated Press
WASHINGTON (April 23) - Rick Santorum, the Senate's third-ranked Republican who is under fire from gay-rights groups and Democrats, says he has ''no problem with homosexuality - I have a problem with homosexual acts.''
In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press two weeks ago, Santorum, R-Pa., said he believes homosexual acts are a threat to the American family. He drew criticism from gays and Democrats after parts of the interview - during which he compared homosexuality to bigamy, polygamy, incest and adultery - were published Monday..."

I'll tell you what.
You give these assholes a majority and they start showing their hate mongering true colors.
I have no problem with homophobics, I have problems with homophobics like this clown who are in a position to legislate my morality.
My pal Barcode King recently commented that he thought the "glass was half full" nowadays for gays and lesbians in this country.
When we have high ranking Senatorial idiots like this who rank us queers with incest perpetrators, bigamists and adulterers, the glass is empty, broken and ready to stab us with.
As for Rick Santorum, we gays got rid of Dr. Laura via a huge Internet campaign led by Washington based gay activist John Aravosis, and we can get rid of this guy, too.
Let's start by calling or writing him some e-mail and telling him how we are taxpayers and voters who will no longer tolerate such hate mongering from our elected officials.
You can google his e-mail address or contact him at his office:
511 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
Let's not let him get by with this open hostility and discrimination.

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