Monday, April 28, 2003

Survivor: A Belated Review

Thank God for VCR's.
Perhaps the best emerging story here will be the make-up of the jury. Three pissed-off, betrayed players will ruin any chances Rob thinks he has for winning.
Alex got the boot, changing the dynamics completely. His arrogance was annoying and getting booted off was a fitting consequence.
Now the insipid boob twins, Heidi and Jenna, will have to hope Rob can come up with extra votes to keep the others from killing them off next time. That is, IF he doesn't turn on them, which is likely.
I am starting to like Matthew. He's naive and sincere albeit weird as hell, but at least he's not a treacherous, duplicitous bastard.
The scene that had me wanting to scratch the TV screen was when I found out that bitch Jenna left her mother with a head full of malignant tumors to be on the show.
Then when Christy allowed Jenna to buy the letter from home for almost a third of what she paid for hers, Jenna should have hugged and kissed Christy for her largesse. But noooo.
I loved the "tender" scenes where Heidi and Jenna engaged in some tepid physical contact to show sorrow and joy. No full body hugs for these ice princesses. It looked like two daddy longlegs preparing for battle. Ugh.
What we have left is Butch, a hard working nice guy; Matthew, a hard working lunatic; Rob, the manipulative mascot who's about as slippery as greased owl shit; Christy who has shown great character, a lot of heart and a good work ethic; Heidi, who is dumb and sickening, and Jenna who is a prick teasing, mother abandoning, self-serving piece of shit.
An AOL poll puts the favorites to win at Christy 47%, Rob, Matthew and Butch at 14%, Jenna 6% and Heidi 5%. Sounds about right to me except for Rob. With that jury he'll never win.
If there is justice in this game (which we know there is not) the Butch/Matthew/Christy contingent will vote off Rob, then pick off Heidi and Jenna one by one.
Either way, Jenna and Heidi are kaput.

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