Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Oh, Goodie.

Now that Bush is almost done playing with his GI Joe action figures, he is setting out to convince America that his massive tax cutting agenda is a good thing. He's also said to be on a mission to keep his favorable poll numbers through massive interaction with "the American peoples."
Like his daddy, his war efforts have indeed brought him favorable ratings in the polls.
Also like his daddy, he has too much time left in his administration to cruise his way to a reelection based on a successful war that will be old news by then.
Now that he's had his war dessert, he has to eat his budget broccoli.
Here are some clues for him:
• Pssst! Even your more sane GOP compadres think your tax cutting plans are unrealistic, especially after such a costly war.
• Where are the revamped prescription plans you promised the elderly?
Rather than wasting time researching and paraphrasing why Bush won't be reelected, let me whet your whistles with this handy site. Bush Lies

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