Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Surf's Up!

I wasn't expecting to go to the beach until Friday morning, then my girlfriend called me this morning and asked why we shouldn't go on Thursday night.
Immediately I thought of Survivor then I thought, wait, am I out of my mind?
Suddenly the precision work I am doing on ceiling crack repair seems a bit compulsive. Fuck it, it'll get a sponge stipple over the sanded down spackle and I'll paint it when I get back. Budda bing, budda boom.
So, to celebrate birthday week (yes I celebrate for a whole week, sue me) starting tomorrow afternoon I'll be having an hour long massage, then we'll drive the three hours it takes to get to the beach. Then after a romantic shrimpy dinner, a nice long walk in the moonlight. :D
So, my pick for Survivor this week is this:
Who cares?
In other TV news, I hope some of you are watching Bill Maher's great new show on HBO.
Though he got canned from his ABC show "Politically Incorrect" for making unpatriotic remarks (if you disagree with Bush you are a traitor), his new HBO show, "Real Time with Bill Maher" takes the gloves off and provides viewers with some hilarious points about politics and current events.
His panel often includes wits like neo-conservative (?) Dennis Miller, Arianna Huffington and this brilliant guy named Dyson who is a black political pundit and Baptist minister.
Enough about TV.
From Thursday afternoon until Sunday evening, I plan to be a low-tech beach slug.

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