Friday, April 04, 2003

Survivor Recap

The best part about Survivor last night was that my best friend Anna came over to watch it with me. She was getting hooked, I could tell. We had a reward challenge last night at my house and won big bowls of sugar-free, low fat Healthy Choice chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.
This episode was a little bland, however I did like the big "sledgehammer the masks" challenge.
I loved how Dave and Deena won the food reward, and after eating huge bowls of sweet glop, they went back to camp hungry. How was that for moxie?
Dave got the boot and his nocturnal cuddle buddy Heidi was among the booters. Jezebel!
Rob has now shown insane jealousy toward any male who casts an eye toward Heidi or Jenna, much like Mark David Chapman did toward Jodie Foster, and similar in that Rob stands about the same chance of shtupping those skinny bitches.
The line of the night: "He cweeps me out," uttered by Christy about Matthew, who apparently cweeps everyone out.
Rob thinks Cweepy Matthew could go postal at any minute, and I don't mean Barcodie-type postal where he starts to argue with very kind and sweet lady bloggers about war, I mean slashing people with his well-honed machete.
And what about Butch? Is he invisible? The man has parakeet balls. Deena's lawyer balls are at least twice the size of his.
Anyway, the show's rounding the bend and getting to the good part.
Matthew should be sweating. I think he's next.

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