Thursday, April 17, 2003

Winding Down, Finally

After the barrage of 24/7 war coverage, it's nice to see things winding down in the media. Ending with a story about Saddam's tasteless Love Shack and a few POW rescue stories, all that's left is a mess in Iraq for Bush to have to clean up.
Remember how he pledged to clean up Afghanistan after invading there?
Bush mentions Afghanistan now about as much as he mentions Osama bin Laden. His attention deficit disorder is extraordinarily convenient.
I think in another month, people will forget about the crushing invasion on Iraq and start to see Bush was indeed a one trick pony.
The only domestic policy he's mentioned is the one he plans for Iraq.
His tax cut plans are absurd.
Old people still have to make ridiculous compromises to get the medicines they need to survive.
Our schools are horribly underfunded.
Illegal drugs are everywhere and AIDS funding has been scattered around for optimum waste.
Affirmative Action has been molested.
A woman's right to choose has been attacked.
Gays and lesbians have been sent to the back of the bus.
The economy sucks.
Poor Bush should have timed the war closer to reelection time. He won't be able to coast to the finish line based on a 2003 Iraqi ass kicking.
Thank God.

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