Thursday, April 03, 2003


Well, we know it likely won't be Matthew getting the boot tonight because the previews showed him in a trance and that was too much of a clue. I learned from the same kind of preview when Shawna was feigning the vapors and didn't get kicked off.
Online prognosticators are picking Alex.
My usual 85 percent accuracy at picking this time around has clabbered.
I must do a quick person-by-person analysis...
Deena: Conniving enough to hang in a while longer
Christy: Oh, she's goooood
Rob: His sense of humor may keep him below the radar
Heidi: Even fake boobs are fun to eye. She'll last a bit longer
Dave: He's a physical threat and he's smart. But doggone it, people like him.
Jenna: Woof.
Alex: Another physical threat, but he's starting to look a little like a leper with all those face pustules and excessive weight loss.
Matthew: He's weird and cadaverous. Too obvious a choice.
Butch: Who? Blander than Cream of Wheat, he's highly expendable.

Okay. Because this is a jury pick, I think Alex is the safest choice for das boot. The others will think he's reasonable and will be okay to judge them. His looks may be shot but his body is still strong, so he is a threat. He kind of lost his gaming rhythm when Shawna was exuding all that estrogen around him. It made him woozy.
Matthew and Butch are too obvious to choose.
So, yeah, I think Alex is next.

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