Thursday, April 17, 2003

Gay Bars

A few comments over at Spacemonk's crib made me start pondering the names men give their gay bars. I could think of a few offhand.
They seem to favor names like The Shaft, the Ramrod, the Ranch, The Boiler Room, Rawhide, ad nauseam.
If I was in control of the office of gay bar naming, I'd get away from all that he-man imagery and call it more like I've seen it:
The Brunch
The Snit Fit
The Sale at Nordstrom's
The Salon
Club Martha Stewart
Club Perfect Chilean Sea Bass with a Raspberry Coulis
Club Pretension
Club Steroid
Club Fancy Pants

and the lesbian bars:

Club Smoke
The Plaid Flannel Shirt Pool Parlor
The Fat Butt Lounge
Juke Box Hellhole
Beer Queer
B.J.s Potluck
Club DramaRama
Club Huge Panties
Club I Have Feelings 2

I just calls 'em as I see 'em. Have I missed any?

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