Sunday, April 06, 2003

Six Feet Under

Poor Nate. He's stuck with Naggy Maggy and it's making him crazy.
It's making me crazy too, reminding me of all the safe relationships I've stayed in far too long because they looked good on paper or seemed like they should be fulfilling when they weren't.
Let's face it.
Love relationships have to have basic compatibility, a degree of kindness, honesty and some basic sanity, but to last they need a shared spiritual consciousness and some good, uncomplicated, exciting, regularly occurring sex.
Without that, I think we are all better off alone so we are free to find someone with whom we can have it all, if not most of it.
Ruth and her creepy new buddy Arthur the mortuary intern are very unsettling. I wish Kathy Bates' Bettina would stay on as a regular and become Ruth's playmate.
What scenes made you guys think the most?

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