Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Please... Just... Shut... Him... Up

Egads. Just as I start to understand how abysmal Saddam Hussein was as a leader and see how dirty his terrorist military are fighting, Bush has developed a new style that makes him more irritating than ever.
Now when he makes his cliche ridden speeches, he's added a new delivery gimmick.

He... speaks... super... slowly... delivering... each... word... one... at... a... time.... Then... he... repeats... the... damn... sentence... all... over... again... in...case... we... were... too... slow... to... have... caught... it... the... first... freakin ...time.

Like he didn't sound dumb enough to begin with, this new slowtalk is embarrassingly tedious. I just can't stand to listen to the guy anymore. He's worse than ever.
Someone please just pat him on the head, give him the clicker, put him in front of a televised baseball game with a bowl of pretzels and switch him out for Dick Cheney as the official Whitehouse mouthpiece.
At least Cheney has that spooky speech pattern where he talks out of the side of his mouth without moving his lips much, giving him a nice, sinister look like Homer Simpson's boss, Mr. Burns.

Another thing is bothering me more and more lately.
Many of you may not remember GOP Senator Joseph McCarthy and his rabid witchhunt in the 50's, where he thought everyone was a Communist and he set out to destroy the careers of many artists, actors and entertainers who dared to speak out against certain government policies.
After he blacklisted several hundred Hollywood types, he turned his paranoia against the American military, which finally resulted in the Senate condemning him for his sickeningly dishonorable persecution of so many innocent Americans.
He died a disgraced, drunken laughingstock in 1957.
What is bothering me is the growing censorship of celebrities who voice opposition to the war. Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, the Dixie Chicks, Martin Sheen, Lenny Kravitz and countless others have been vilified for expressing their views. Even veteran TV reporter Peter Arnett was canned for expressing his opinion on Iraqi TV because it embarrassed Washington DC.
For Christ's sake, we have a right to free speech. Why don't these miserable, insecure warmongers realize that and just shut the fuck up? Why are they so touchy?
Even if we were right to invade Iraq, and a case can be made for that, these right wing bastards make it impossible to support them because they refuse to concede basic constitutional rights to citizens who refuse to buy the party line part and parcel.
This is the kind of arrogance that makes us hated throughout the world. This is not freedom. This is not liberty. This is oppression and the lessons of Senator McCarthy are lost on these paranoids.
The silver lining is that history tends to repeat itself, and the worse these hawks get, the faster the public will tire of their bullshit and oust them.

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