Saturday, April 12, 2003


Ahh, I feel refreshed and renewed after a Friday afternoon of no TV, no news and no war contemplation.
Having rested up, I have only three war observations today.
1. If the U.S. and British soldiers occupying Iraq aren't civilian police and refuse to deal with looters and rioters, have you noticed how well the coalition forces are policing Iraqi oil fields and pipelines? No shenanigans there! (connect the dots)
2. When looters and rioters stormed the streets of Los Angeles in protest of assorted governmental disparity, the right wing denounced them as savages who deserved to be apprehended, tried and convicted.
Those same right wingers have suddenly developed compassion and understanding for the frustrated rioting and looting Iraqi citizens who are just "letting off a little steam" at their former government.
It's really very simple. Bush vowed to liberate and help reconstruct a peaceful democracy in the region. As I see it, allowing anarchy and mayhem does not fit the description Bush offered. Could he have (gasp) LIED?
3. We all know by now, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld are eyeing Syria next. Please tell me the American public has no plans to support an invasion of Syria. Enough war, already.

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