Tuesday, April 29, 2003

The Mouths of Babes

I've been getting lots of advice about coping with being dumped from various local and Blog-based friends. Tracy and Grey Bird and Melly have all pitched in their thoughts.
Melly sort of flipped the story around and made me see it from a totally different angle. She seems to think forgiveness, understanding and a little time out might be the right route to take.
I am of the school of "get dumped, get over it and move on," but her approach seemed refreshingly Zen-like. I was rather impressed, considering Melly is the same age as my cat Bart.
I have no plans to take her advice, mind you, but it did present a soothing option.
Anyway, since I won't have a date after all at my birthday dinner tomorrow, I figured I'd invite Melly and finally get to meet her in person.
If some of my old battle-ax dyke friends at the party happen to *think* she's my hot young date, well, I say let them have their sleazy innuendo.
Sure as hell will beat explaining the whereabouts of the new girlfriend who just dumped me. :D

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